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    thinking spring with this pretty pearl shine & pewter letterpress smock invite. perfect for a romantic & elegant affair.

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    and honored to have our wedding invitation design featured on the lovely Style Me Pretty's wedding blog today. this beautiful shoot was styled by the exquisite anna of A Styled Event & photographed by the talented molly michel of M Three Studio Photography. click here to see the whole shoot.




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    one breath.  

    this is for a friend.  (or perhaps many.)  it seems simplistic.  but it seems important too.  because sometimes things just feel too big to manage any other way.  and in those times, i've found that we need to keep winnowing down and winnowing down until we are holding only what we can bear.  and so often, in those fragile moments, what we can carry feels quite small.  (remarkably tiny really.)  a crumb-sized morsel.  a slender moment.  a singular breath.  but what we need to remind ourselves is that small doesn't mean insignificant.  that bearable doesn't mean weak.  that, in truth, these moments are made all the more weighty and consequential because of their hemmed in scale.  that in stripping away the trivial and unruly - the past and the future.  the laundry and 'what ifs' - what we are left with is the grace of the breath-sized present.   

    of course, what i really wish is that things were easier.   and that life was fair.  that we didn't have to WILL ourselves into the elusive (and regrettably clichéd) NOW.  just to make it through the day.  i wish that youth and bodies and smiles never faded.  or that the fading could be side-stepped so the breath-sized NOWs were more effortless. and compliant.  but what i have spent a lifetime learning (and tried my paltry best to accept) is that the fading can also be beautiful. that it brings a softness to life.  it blurs the edges. and quiets the peripheral. it greys out the bad and the good and leaves the middle. it reveals the center and exposes the interior.  where we all really reside afterall.  in graciously small but amazingly profound breaths.